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Paragon Fusion CS16D Glass Annealing Kiln With A Sentry Xpress 3-Key Programmer. Paragon Fusion CS16D Glass Fusing Kiln With A Sentry Xpress 3-Key Programmer. Paragon Fusion CS16D Glass Sagging And Slumping Kiln With A Sentry Xpress 3-Key Programmer. Orton-Paragon Sentry Xpress 3-Key Digital Controller.

The Paragon Fusion CS16D Kiln For General Glass Work, Annealing, Casting, Fire Polishing, Fusing, Moulding, Sagging, and Slumping.

This kiln has never been used. When it was taken out of the crate, there were a few hairline cracks in some of the firebricks. The offer includes the necessary new bricks, which are fairly straightforward to fit. It comes with a shelf kit. However, because it's no longer in a crate, a buyer would need to collect it, saving a delivery charge. So, check the retail prices and take off £150. Then call.

The Paragon Fusion CS16D is a 925°C, square, top-opening, plug-in, table-top, firebrick kiln, with a ramp-hold Sentry Xpress 3-key digital programmer. In Paragon blue, or customised berry, black, navy, pink, purple, or turquoise.

The CS16D is just one of the CS series kilns: the CS14S, CS14D, CS16S, CS16D, CS19S, CS19D, CS26S, and CS5630S, in ascending order of firing chamber width, the number being the approximate interior width in inches.
The S versions have an opening lid and the D versions have an opening lid and an opening body, both giving an easy-access flat surface for arranging glasswork. So, S means single opening and D means double opening.

The CS14S, CS16S, and CS19S can be made as a B version with two bead-annealing doors, a W version with a heat-resistant glass viewing-window, or a BW version with both.

The CS16D is the largest glass kiln that can use a regular 13A socket You can anneal beads on mandrels, batch-fire silver clay, and make glass art, panels, tiles, plates, and bowls.

The recommended kit is one durable 381mm x 381mm x 15mm cordierite shelf, four 12mm shelf posts, and 450gms of glass separator.

To learn more about the Paragon Fusion CS16 and other Fusion CS kilns, use the cs-fusion link below the menu bar near the top of the page, then use the shop link. Prices include comprehensive instructions and UK VAT.


A Cherry Heaven Internet Resource.

is a Cherry Heaven internet resource. Cherry Heaven is a top-tier international distributor for Texas-made Paragon kilns, furnaces, and ovens, and has been one of their top-selling partners from 2006 to : a pleasing outcome since the UK is only one third the area of Texas and one fortieth the area of the US.

As this is an on-line resource, there isn't a paper catalogue or a price list. However, you can mail or call a technician about kilns, power supplies, public area safety, a special project, business ideas, diagnostics, repairs, or reselling opportunities.

Cherry Blossom.

Cherry Heaven Limited, West Holme Cottage, West Holme, Wareham, BH20 6AQ, Dorset, England.

Cherry Heaven was the name of the design studio in Kensington, West London, then the shop in Corfe Castle, Dorset. It's now an on-line distributor and retailer in West Holme, Dorset, South-West England. Although there's no longer a real shop, Cherry Heaven is still the working name.

The surrounding countryside includes green farmland, dramatic heritage cliffs, pretty stone cottages, historic buildings, sandy beaches, protected coves, open heathland, hill-top panoramic views, market towns, and peaceful villages. And lively seaside resorts. To look at some photos, use the dorset:photos link below the menu bar near the top of the page.

Paragon KM18 Pro Double Width.

Paragon Industries Incorporated, 2011 South Town East Boulevard, Mesquite, Texas, 75149-1122, USA.

Paragon Industries started as a family business in 1948. It's now the world's leading manufacturer of kilns and furnaces, and has built over 440,000 in 4,000 variants. The 6,700 square-metre site, in Mesquite, Texas, USA, has 67 full-time staff.

During manufacture, every kiln is checked at every stage by a technician and signed-off before shipping. They're simply but robustly engineered, and you're buying a comprehensive, versatile, safe, low-cost kiln: a kiln with a future.

Paragon kilns are TUV tested, and CL and CSA approved for the US, and are CE Marked for the EU. Paragon is Greek for Model Of Perfection.

Kitiki Art Clay Course.

The Kitiki Studio's Art Clay Classes And Courses.

The Kitiki Studio provided an Art Clay educational programme, as classes, masterclasses, workshops, and Art Clay Level 1 and Level 2 certification. However, as we're in a rural area, I now recommend teachers that might be nearer, so call or mail.

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